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Adopt the Eclipse

the button cover by Button Spirit

Multiple and varied combinations
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The original shirt button cover, the Eclipse,
what is it ?

The Eclipse is a distinctive shirt button cover or shirt cuffs, designed in Paris, very easy to clipse on buttons so that you can assert your style within a click

It’s the fashion accessory that will enhance your look, on your shirt, your blouse or your polo !

For men of taste, it will replace a tye ideally to go to work or for the ones who wish to stand out to weddings, ceremonies or more simply at a party with friends !

For Women who want to wear an original shirt jewel to assert its character and avoid pins, brooches or badges that pierce the cloth

Because you are unique, Button Spirit has created 24 Eclipse models, quality button covers gold or silver plated for your shirts or cuffs.

Compose your personnal collection !

For any occasion, you will choose an Eclipse in your pretty Button Spirit case.

How to put on the Eclipse ?

Open the Eclipse by pulling the back side from the hole, insert the placket under the button.
Then close it in a click.
To remove it, hold the base and pull the interior of the placket to you

We have imagined 4 lines of button covers and 24 models for the pleasure of all

The « Chic » for the office or a ceremony, the « Fun » for relaxing with friends

The « Arty » to go out and the « Colors »

New accomplice of your dresses, THE ECLIPSE allows you to play with the fashion, to claim your style, to assert your originality and to reveal your personality.

The must is to put on the Eclipses on the front button of your shirt. Impact guaranteed !

You can easily mix the Eclipses on the front of your shirt and put them on the cuffs which will be personalised

cache bouton Eclipse ligne colors

The COLORS line

The COLORS Eclipses shall emphasize an outfit by a simple click with their frank and plain colors.

Eclipses Réglisse, Nuit and Ginger give you a sober and discreet look. Feu, Citron and Fushi will know how to light up a shirt of fruity and sunny notes. They will join easily with the other Button Spirit lines.

The FUN line

It’is a quite different look for your holding. With their original motives, Fun Eclipses reveal an aspect of your personality and your humor from the first look. They are joyful and colored with unique ornamental pictures.

Cute or fly-away, they make your day cheerful and can join easily with the line COLORS

cache bouton Eclipse ligne FUN
cache bouton Eclipse ligne arty

The ARTY line

The line of Eclipses ARTY applies to your original and artistic side.
The motives and the paints which illustrate these cover buttons arise from the inspiration of contemporary artists.

Every model evokes a different graphic universe, then let your imagination guide you in your choice, according to your tastes and desires. No doubt that you will be noticed by your class and your elegance adopting Arty Eclipses on the buttons of your shirt !

The CHIC line

The Eclipses of the Chic line come in several pictures of noble and classic materials. The black of the granulated leather, the deep red or the green of the scales of lizard, the pink, beige and blue of linen wefts, motives which will not miss to value as well the front as the cuffs of a shirt.

Elegance assured for a wedding or at work. The must-see accessory.
So chic in a click!

cache bouton Eclipse ligne chic

The Eclipse, an original gift and accessible to all !

Look no further what to offer to those close for a birthday, saint Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day or Christmas !

Finally an original gift, stylish and affordable that is a perfect alternative to the tye and cuff-links

Women will be conquered by this innovative shirt jewel, very different than current traditional fashion accessories

Adopt and offer Button Spirit Eclipses !

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