From our friendship, our shared values ​​for art, objects and fashion, the Button Spirit brand was born.

With a first collection of 4 lines and 24 Eclipses, we offer our creations, inspired by the world of art and fashion with exclusive models.

Fully concerned to satisfy all those who want to put an original touch on their shirt and blouse and affirm their personality and their mood of the moment.

Un point c’est tout !


We are three friends who have decided to combine our skills to create an original fashion accessory, which can easily be adapted to men's and women's outfits.

One evening when François was getting himself ready for a vernissage, an « arty » evening.
Dressed in a pair of blue-jeans, a white shirt and a black jacket,
in front of his full-length mirror, he told himself that something was missing from his outfit.

He imagined that a simple accessory, no tie, no pins, no bow tie, no scarf, could transform his look in an instant.
A little nothing that could make him stand out discreetly.

And suddenly, there was light!
He decided to create the Eclipse, a trendy button cover, and drew Christophe and Valérie in his adventure by creating Button Spirit and a new mixed fashion accessory, innovative, original and accessible to all.

Valérie FONTAN

I worked in the Communication Department of a big company for many years
Passionate about styling, singing and enjoying photography, I joined the Button Spirit project for
developing the Eclipse product and its communication



I had a long experience in Supply Chain and then in Sales Forecasting in a large industrial group at the international level.

A big fan of style and fashion since my childhood, I created the Button Spirit brand in 2016.

With several entrepreneurs among my ancestors, I was very keen to embark into this adventure on my turn and offer this innovative and original accessory, declining it for all tastes.


Christophe CARTIER

Graduated from the Beaux-Arts in Paris. Photographer, then painter and writer, I created the site, a platform for visual creation and a space for information and production of
contemporary creation.

I display my paintings in France and abroad and my works now inspire
Eclipses by Button Spirit.