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Century 21 Group has trusted us and adopt the Eclipse for their real estate agents



The Eclipse, a button cover to promote the image of your company !



Real vector of qualitative communication, the Eclipse can be worn within the company to assert its company membership to your collaborators, suppliers and customers and can also be used as a business gift or event to give visibility to your brand.

Eclipses are like shirt jewels that you attach on your shirt and do not spoil your cloth
It replaces professionnal personalized badges

Button Spirit makes these button covers to highlight your brand, your company or association.

The Eclipse is ideal particularly for :

  • Congresses and company events
  • Political, unions, associative meetings
  • Sport and cultural
  • Customers gifts
  • Quizes Prizes

The Eclipse is also a quality accessory for a professional outfit or uniform :

With the Eclipse on a front button or as cufflinks on a shirt or blouse, your staff and employees will display the colours of your company or event with originality and elegance.

Much more qualitative than a round badge, a real shirt jewel, the Eclipse allows everyone to appropriate the visual identity of their brand on their outfit and to communicate the visibility on the place of sale, to the nearest customers.

This button cover is designed in Paris. It is made of brass, gold or silver plated, printed in high definition and is covered with a very solid resin.

The Eclipse dresses and sets shirts and blouses apart in various industries:

  • Hotel industry,
  • Catering,
  • Beauty / Cosmetic,
  • Ready-to-wear signs,
  • Car dealers,
  • Insurance agencies, real estate agencies…

and all brands or businesses that want to distinguish their staff from customers with their logo.


The button cover « L’Eclipse » by Button Spirit : an original and parisian fashion accessory

This is an additional opportunity to grow your sales in the accessories segment in your store or brand with a new fashion product.

. The Eclipse is a real shirt jewel, a designer button cover for Ready-to-Wear boutiques.

. The Eclipse is an original fashion accessory that complements the tie, bow tie and cufflinks.

It is perfect for birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and any occasion: office, outings, weddings, ceremonies, etc.

. It’s a new concept, It wears on a button of the front of the shirt!

It is also very practical and elegant on cufflinks.

. It is a mixed jewel, for women and men who want to stand out, assert their personality and change their look in one click.

The Eclipse is intended to :

  • Clothing shops for men and women,
  • Fashion professionnals,
  • Gifts and accessories shops,
  • Concept stores

and any brand or business that wants to distinguish their staff from customers with their logo.

Button Spirit has developed a collection of 24 Eclipse models with exclusive visuals in 4 lines :

The « Chic »  for the office or a ceremony, the « Fun » for outing with friends,

The « Arty » to go out at night and the « Colors »

A new accessory to your outfits, L’Eclipse allows you to play with fashion, assert your style, assert your originality and reveal your personality.

The must is to use the Eclipse on the front of the shirt. Guaranteed effect!

You can easily combine Eclipses with each other and also wear them as personalized cufflinks!

cache bouton Eclipse ligne colors

The COLORS line

The COLORS Eclipses shall emphasize an outfit by a simple click with their frank and plain colors.

Eclipses Réglisse, Nuit and Ginger give you a sober and discreet look. Feu, Citron and Fushi will know how to light up a shirt of fruity and sunny notes. They will join easily with the other Button Spirit lines.

The FUN line

It’is a quite different look for your holding. With their original motives, Fun Eclipses reveal an aspect of your personality and your humor from the first look. They are joyful and colored with unique ornamental pictures.

Cute or fly-away, they make your day cheerful and can join easily with the line COLORS

cache bouton Eclipse ligne FUN
cache bouton Eclipse ligne arty

The ARTY line

The line of Eclipses ARTY applies to your original and artistic side.
The motives and the paints which illustrate these cover buttons arise from the inspiration of contemporary artists.

Every model evokes a different graphic universe, then let your imagination guide you in your choice, according to your tastes and desires. No doubt that you will be noticed by your class and your elegance adopting Arty Eclipses on the buttons of your shirt !

The CHIC line

The Eclipses of the Chic line come in several pictures of noble and classic materials. The black of the granulated leather, the deep red or the green of the scales of lizard, the pink, beige and blue of linen wefts, motives which will not miss to value as well the front as the cuffs of a shirt.

Elegance assured for a wedding or at work. The must-see accessory.
So chic in a click!

cache bouton Eclipse ligne chic

Eclipse product description:
Brass, silver or gold plated button cover depending on the model,
High definition printing on aluminum
Pattern covered with a qualitative resin
Metal tab for hanging under the button

Diameter : 17 mm
Thickness : 0,6 mm

Button Spirit can also customize your own button cover with the logo of your choice, or any other qualitative visual for a new collection.

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