The COLORS line

Play with colors and stand out with ease!

  • Eclipse Citron


    « Citron » Eclipse is going to revitalize your humor. Yellow pure, day vitamin, joyful and attractive color. This Eclipse on your shirt give, by herself,…

  • Eclipse Feu


    The Eclipse « Feu » is bright orange, orange fruit. This solar color will dress positively your shirt or blouse. with a black jacket for example,…

  • Eclipse Fushi


    The Eclipse « Fushi » takes us to a soft and sweet world. Bright pink gives confidence and is a sign of refinement. It reminds the…

  • Eclipse Ginger


    Eclipse « Ginger » expresses a subtle and noble tone. Between beige and ginger, it raises a white, blue, brown or black shirt but either a…

  • Eclipse Nuit


    (The) Eclipse « Nuit » is a classic of Colors line. The color ” blue Klein » makes us travel in a powerful and radiant world at…

  • Eclipse Réglisse


    (The) Eclipse « Réglisse » where the black joins the infinity! What could be more classy and mysterious than a black dot on a white, blue,…

The FUN line

Let your fantasy go!

  • Eclipse Coccinella


    (The) Eclipse « Coccinella » is an attractive symbol of nature, enjoyment and chance! It is also a reminder of our childhood. When the ladybird came…

  • Eclipse Kiwi


    The Eclipse « Kiwi » gives us desire to live life to its fullest! What could be more acidulated and with vitamins than a slice of…

  • Eclipse Neko


    The Eclipse « Neko » is a small Japanese cat. Maneki Neko, on white bottom, is sign of chance in the Japanese tradition. Concern him without…

  • Eclipse Power


    (The) Eclipse « Power », the witness of your humor! Retort of a hi-fi button, so original that everyone will wish to activate it on On…

  • Eclipse Tijuana


    The Eclipse « Tijuana » takes us to Mexico! This joyful and fly-away Mexican skull, reminds us that the life is a feast and that it…

  • Eclipse Waouh


    (The) Eclipse « Waouh » is the enthusiastic touch of the collection! The mouth which makes “Woah”, sensual and funny, expresses a shout of joy, surprise…

The ARTY line

Show your originality !

  • Eclipse Céleste


    The Eclipse « Céleste » is mysterious and intriguing. Distant planet, eye of cat, it represents an unknown and attractive universe. An original point on your…

  • Eclipse Nebula


    The Eclipse « Nebula » is an invitation to the Cosmos dream, the evocation of an imaginary universe in the relief and subtle colors. This cover…

  • Eclipse Volutes


    The Eclipse « Volutes », so design! It covers button draw black nets interlaced on white bottom, free of their convolutions and forms sensual volutes to…

  • Eclipse Vulcano


    The eclipse « Vulcano » arose from the detail of a picture of the painter Christophe Cartier. Famous for his work illustrating a dreamlike world, Christophe…

The CHIC line

Elegance in one click!

The case by Button Spirit

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